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Red, White, and Blue

"Stars on a field of blue; one for each colony; bars of red, for the blood of sacrifice; on a ground of white for love and peace."—Betsy Ross

Every year about this time I begin to feel drawn to the red, white, and blue! It begins with the Memorial Day festivities and carries over into the 4th of July. The festivities, memorials, parades, and the memories of this very special time of year always seem so nostalgic.

As a child growing up in a very small town, one of the highlights of the year was our town celebration which always lasted about a week. There were carnival rides, games, and lots of food stands. It was always a big deal to go and partake in the festivities but also to see old friends.

This year at the new farmhouse we wanted to carry on our tradition of having a Memorial Day celebration. We cleaned out the barn, set up tables, and strung lights to make the space feel festive. We had lots of flags, bunting, and star confetti to make every space feel ready for the party. We were blessed with sixty-five people to help christen the new farmhouse for this day of remembrance. Yes, it was hot, but the breeze helped to keep the air moving and provide some relief for our guests!

A special addition to the barn's exterior were beautiful lights from @steelighting. The Upward Sloping Redondos in a black gloss finish helped to bring one more accent to the exterior of the barn. These lights give me all the "American Made" feels. They are hand spun out of 18-gauge steel, the old-fashioned way, and made in Southern California. I'm providing the link for you so that you can run over and check out all of their gorgeous lights.

We also added solar light posts to the entrance of the property with lights provided by @gamasonic. These sturdy, well-built light posts are a welcome addition. They help to light the way for our guests as they make their way down to the farmhouse.

In the interior of the farmhouse, I continued the red, white, and blue theme with lots of flags, vintage pieces, and nostalgic photographs of the veterans in our family.

The master bedroom received new bedding from @antiquefarmhouse. The floral with ruffle coverlet paired with other gorgeous bedding pieces set the stage for the perfect summertime bedroom.

To anchor the space, I added the beautiful Joy hand woven rug from @richclassdecor. This rug was handcrafted after recycling 344 plastic bottles. It is a 5 x 8 rug that is washable, reversible, and just plain PERFECT!!

Mr. Maple had to put his touches on the space by handcrafting this beautiful faux fireplace from repurposed barn wood. It has charm, and character and adds a romantic dimension to this space.

I am also including some other pictures of patriotic spots around the farmhouse. Please browse and enjoy our farmhouse all dolled up in red, white, and blue!

Do you decorate in red, white, and blue? If so, I would love to know where you add your patriotic touches around your home.

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