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Open the Door to an Update

New Door

My word of the day: is WOW! That's all I said when Mr. Maple hung this amazing door from Rustica Hardware in our farmhouse kitchen. The door is the Banquet Single Bifold Barn Door.

Rustica hit it out of the park with this custom door for our pantry. You already know that I love Rustica, because it is a made-in-the-USA company with top-notch customer service.

The folks at Rustica were so good about making sure that the new door would meet the needs of our family and the farmhouse. I sent the folks at Rustica a video of our current space and spoke with them on the phone about the door.

I knew that I wanted a door that opened to the left, toward the oven, to save space and to make it easier to access the pantry. The Bifold door is a perfect fit: it features two panels that are hinged together and slide along an accompanying track. When you open the door, the panels slide and fold.

If you're looking for a way to add style and save space, the Bifold door is perfect!


We started with a basic wooden door. I tried to spruce it up with some paint, wood stain, and a fall wreath, but it still wasn't quite what I wanted for the space.


Mr. Maple did the installation. Rustica gives you a QR code so that you can pull up the installation directions right on your phone. You get step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

The whole process was as simple as 1-2-3!


Here is the finished product. As you can see, it looks beautiful: modern and sleek! It fits right in with the tone of the rest of the kitchen.

We love our new door!

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