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Magical Fall Entrance

I have always loved using natural elements, like cornstalks and pumpkins, in my fall decor. This season is no exception. I wanted to do cost-effective, budget-friendly decorations that are easy to replicate but still make a statement.

Read on below for the process:


I went to Home Depot and purchased two plastic buckets and some Quikrete cement.


I foraged through the property for sticks and vines that I thought were the right size and shape for the archway. Next, I mixed up the Quikrete and cemented the sticks into each bucket.


Once I arranged the sticks in an arched shape, I screwed the sticks together, and covered the arrangement with vines and twinkle lights.

I followed the same process for the garden entrance. The garden, however, had a preexisting archway, so I went straight to step three: decorating!

To decorate the garden archway, I placed cornstalks on either side of the archway and hung my Dollar Tree terra cotta pumpkins. I also added Christmas candles to give the garden area a nice ambience.

The finished product turned out even better than I had envisioned!

Here is the house archway:

Here is the garden archway:

Thanks for reading! What DIY projects are YOU tackling for fall? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram, @maplecreekmarket! Do you want to replicate these fun terra cotta pumpkins? Check out my Instagram feed for a step-by-step tutorial!



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