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A New Chapter

Hey Ya’ll!

I guess it’s official . . . I can finally start saying “Ya’ll” again, because we’re moving to Texas!

I announced our move on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I’m so grateful for your kindness, support, and encouragement as our family tackles this new chapter.

I want you all to know that Maple Creek Market is not going anywhere! Our brand is still Maple Creek Market. This Instagram, blog, and community has been my labor of love for the past five years. While we may be leaving the New York farmhouse, Maple Creek Market is more than a physical location—it’s about our family, our animals, and the community we’ve built through this brand. Those fundamentals are never going to change, so likewise our name is not changing!

(P.S.: Also, I looked it up—there ARE maple trees in Texas. Hooray! We plan on planting a few at our new farm.)

I thought this blog would be a great opportunity to explain:

  1. Why we’re moving?

  2. What the heck happened to the animals?

  3. What’s next for Maple Creek?

Some of this is also explained on my stories, but for those of you who missed it, here’s the 4-11:


When Mr. Maple and I purchased the farm fourteen years ago, we dreamed of raising our children there, making a strong work ethic the heart of our family, and using the farm to minster to others.

As the kids headed off to Baylor over the past few years, it became apparent that at least half of our family would remain rooted in Texas. Mr. Maple and I have always wanted to keep our children—and our family—together as much as possible.

One of our dreams is to all live within a short distance of each other! Making several plane flights or a long twenty-six-hour drive to spend quality time together as a family just wasn't sustainable or viable for us long-term.

Enter: a new opportunity for Mr. Maple in Texas . . . right near our kiddos!

I’m not going to lie—the job process was LONG and emotionally draining. We felt like the Lord was leading us back to Texas, and, as a family, we committed it to daily prayer. It was and still is extremely painful to leave the New York farm behind, but we are confident in God’s calling over our family. We are so, so grateful for His mercies and great faithfulness to us!


  • Sheep? Our little flock found a new home with a nice farmer in the area!

  • Kitties? Mr. Cloudy came with us to Texas, and Ms. Angel stayed at the farm to live with the new owners.

  • Dogs? Ronnie and Rex came with us to Texas.

  • Chickens? Sadly, before the move our flock was on the decline because of a fox. We have no chickens left! We look forward to getting a new flock of chicks in the upcoming year (and maybe some swans, too).


You know it! The wonderful people behind Granny Bees are actually located here in Central Texas, so stay tuned for news about Maple Creek Market candles.

PSST: You can purchase this season’s Maple Creek Market candles here.


Well, you know that Mr. Maple and I are not exactly Chip and Jo . . . but we plan on

keeping things interesting. We’ve got plenty of DIY projects and new adventures in the works.

The DIY projects might be a little late to launch while Mr. Maple gets acclimated to his new job, but the projects are coming! Plus, my “blog elf” (i.e., my daughter) will finally be at arms-length to help me. There’s no escaping now!

We’re looking forward to:

a. Expanding Maple Creek Market

b. Making a greenhouse!

c. Lots of Texas sunsets

d. Meeting more Waco bloggers/Instagrammers

e. Meeting more of YOU GUYS!

Finally, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for every message, comment, DM, and prayer sent our way. I’m so grateful for the community I’ve found through Maple Creek Market, and I can’t wait to share this exciting new chapter of our story with you.

Be a light and shine bright!



Photo credit: Adam Thomas on Unsplash

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