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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

When I think of spring here at the farm, I think of opening the windows and letting in the fresh air. I want to evoke the feeling of a light, airy space. Since I've always been drawn to shades of blue to "refresh," I wanted to bring the blues to the farmhouse in a big way – the happy blues.

I also wanted to add other pops of color that would accentuate the blue color palette to create a soft, hospitable atmosphere that evokes the open doors of summer. I started in the farmhouse living room with my barn-wood wall. This project is a few months deep at this point – Mr. Maple Creek helped me hang up salvaged wood from the carriage barn last year. I kept the original whitewashed look for fall, transitioned to black for Christmas, and now, blue for spring. For those curious about the paint, I used Opal Silk Green from Glidden, which I found at Walmart but is also available at Home Depot.

The wall has been a great focal point over the seasons. It is easy to repaint or decorate around, while remaining true to the farmhouse feel. I paired it with a sign from Farmhouse Décor Art. (Shop it here.) You all know that when I love something, I LOVE it. I have absolutely loved my experience with the company. Shipping turnaround was so fast, and the sign I received was lightweight canvas, which was perfect for the project.

The last "blues" I added were the Cranston and True rugs from one of my favorite companies, Boutique Rugs. Layering rugs has been a hot trend this season. I find that it's a great way to add depth and texture to the space. The Cranston rug favors more warm, cozy browns, which I added some "spice" to with the blues.

For the finishing touches, I wanted to incorporate yellow. It – of course – reminds me of sunshine! We don't see that enough up here in NY! I found some daffodils, and a cute little birdhouse from Marshalls that I hung on a vintage shutter. I also re-purposed a chenille bedsheet into a chair cover, because why not? I'm all about making old things new and giving fresh life to items instead of tossing them. There is endless possibility in the reinvention process…

…which makes me think of spring: the perfect season to refresh and reinvent. When I looked at definitions of the word renew, I found that it called back to resuming, reestablishing, or repeating habits that have been interrupted or lost. This spring, I hope to resume hosting more. One thing I love is hospitality. It's such a joy to me to be able to share my home and create a welcoming space for others. A small daily thing I want to reestablish is a window of time in the morning for reading the Word and prayer. On the health front, my repetitive goal is to walk three miles a day. Mr. Maple Creek and I have been working up our mileage, and focusing on celebrating the little milestones.

Followers, do you have any habits or routines for spring that you're looking to refresh or reestablish? It's easy to get caught in the busyness as the year accelerates forward, but the thing I love most about spring is the aspect of newness; all that has been dead in winter thawing and coming back to life. As the flowers bloom, so to do we emerge from the hiding and hibernation of winter, shake off the trappings of the past season and step into new life. But it doesn't happen by accident – it takes conscious decision on our behalf to step into this growth. I find that as I continue to embrace this process with each new year, I discover more about myself and what I am capable of.

Wishing you a beautiful spring!



P.S. Stay tuned for some EXCITING GIVEAWAY NEWS…

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