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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

We call this bedroom number five in the farmhouse, or the "little boys'" room. It’s housed my two youngest boys up until this past August when they went away to college.

It’s really the perfect bedroom for guest because it has a pocket door that leads into a bathroom. Convenient and allows for a little extra privacy.

I wanted to keep the same bedding for cost purposes (plus, I love it!) from Linens and Hutch. I freshened up the room with an area rug and new pillows. For the rug, I chose a beautiful flat weave from Well Woven Rugs to anchor the space. Since the duvet covers were black-and-white strips, I knew I wanted to add more patter and texture with the rug. It's perfect for any space, indoor or outdoor!

I also knew I wanted to add pillows that would make a statement, so I chose these adorable Santa pillows from Piper Classics. These pillows would make any guest feel welcome and ready for I right?!

Onto the wall décor – I wanted something SIMPLE, yet whimsical. To cut costs I used stars that I already had, but painted them gold and hung them at different levels. I think the height variation adds a nice bit of visual interest on the wall. Finishing touches include fresh greens from Wegmans (a wonderful family grocery chain up here in NY) and attached it to an old farmyard gate the kids made when we first moved here.

And that's my Christmas bedroom! As you can see, easy to accomplish on a tight budget and DIY-friendly, my two must-haves! Let me know if you try to replicate this look on Instagram, or send me pics of YOUR Christmas rooms. I'd love to share some of my favorites as we lead up to the holiday season!

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