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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I’ve had the itch for a few years now to do a total master bedroom and bathroom refresh. This past winter I finally took the plunge and started on the bathroom, which you can read about here. When that was all finished, I knew the bedroom had to be next! (No more excuses!) It was the last "untouched" room in the farmhouse. Since we bought our "labor of love" in 2010, we've taken on 80s wallpaper, outdated carpeted, and cramped spaces. The master bedroom had been refurbished but was still desperately in need of a face lift.

My goals: make the space BRIGHTER, FRESHER, and more ROMANTIC. I’ve been in love with the sliding barn doors look lately, so I thought I’d incorporate it into the final product.

The first order of business was to give the space a fresh coat of paint. (I used Behr paint.) Since I wanted to lighten and freshen things up, I went with a white on the ceiling and on the walls. I also repainted all the base boards and trim with interior trim paint from Behr as well. I thought the bedroom still needed a little more texture, so I decided to paint the floors to give them a rustic feel.

For the floors, I used a combination of varnish, white paint, white chalk paint and grey porch & floor paint. Whatever you have lying around that fits the “vibe” would work just as well! The original color was beige. I dragged varied colors over the boards with a paintbrush to create that wonderful “weathered” look. Because the end goal was more organic, it didn’t have to be perfect!

By far the biggest change was installing the vintage doors over the closet. These doors were rescued, restored and refinished to give the space a whole new look.

…HOWEVER, their original color (dark hunter green) needed to go. Yikes! I turned to my faithful friend, Citrus Strip. This product does wonders when you’re taking the paint off furniture! Especially four layers of paint!

NEXT: I found some silver tin backsplash panels at Lowe's, in the kitchen department, and knew they would be the perfect "windows" to compliment the arched portion of the doors. They were an easy install - I used superglue! Below, I've included some pictures that inspired the "look.” Truthfully, I just experimented with the look of the doors until I found an arrangement I liked...

Photos via Unsplash

Once the doors were repainted & ready to be hung, I needed hardware. I did my research on a few different hardware companies and knew I wanted a company that put quality and craftsmanship first. After many hours of research (plus visiting several different stores to check out the quality first-hand), I decided to go with a company called Rustica Hardware.

What made Rustica stand out to me was the fact that all their steel is made right here in the USA. Pretty cool, right? When I reached out to the company, they were kind enough to work with me to help find what I was looking for: hardware that would look beautiful contrasted with vintage doors. I ended up going with the “Struck” hardware, and you guys? It’s gorgeous! Bonus, the installation was super easy.

Rustica also sells a ton of furniture and beautiful metal & wooden barn doors. If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch for your next DIY project, I can’t recommend them enough! I mentioned this on IG, but friends: please go over & say hello to the folks at Rustica. I'm not getting paid to say it, but I stand behind their product! It's great quality and the folks I've worked with have been so kind and efficient.

The hardware came in about a week, and Mr. Maple attached the hangers at the top of the door, then the track. From there we just sat the doors on the track and put the handles on. Easy-peasy! I snagged the handles from Lowe’s for cheap, in black, to match the other pieces.

1: hanging the track. 2: putting the doors on. 3: handles!

For my FINAL LOOK, I staged the room with sunflowers and lots of sunlight. The bedding is from Piper Classics – seriously, the coziest bedding! Perfect for those chilly fall & winter nights. (IG here.) The chandelier is from Antique Farmhouse. (They have the coolest wooden signs!)

I’m so happy with the overall product, and glad I get to finally share it with you guys! Have you ever refinished any furniture or doors? What’s your latest DIY project? How do you think this one turned out? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram, @maplecreekmarket !



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