Fall on the Farm

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Hello friends! Happy, happy, happy fall!

It's upon us - a brand-new season. This time of year, this farm is BUSTLING with activity. Pumpkin picking, back-to-school, decorating, football, you name it! The temperatures cool down, the leaves start to change and our family settles into more of a routine.

I find the routine part so calming after a summer jammed with activity. On top of school craziness we also have our annual harvest of all the vegetables we planted this summer. Not to mention the pumpkins...need I say more?

The pumpkins here at Maple Creek are one of my favorite parts of fall. Before we moved to New York, we celebrated fall in a much warmer climate and I just couldn’t get used to my pumpkins rotting before Halloween. That was not a happy aspect of fall for me!

(Rotting pumpkins? Blah!)

HOWEVER, autumn can be so magical and cozy: bonfires, s'mores, blankets, hayrides and football make for a winning combination. While the outside world is turning beautiful shades of color, the inside of the farmhouse gets a makeover as well. These adorable velvet pumpkins from Love Feast Shop are perfect for adorning the tables and mantels. Plus, lots of soft throws, pillows and blankets from Pier One make the furniture autumn-happy.

In the farmhouse living room this year, I decided to purchase three new items for my fall starting point.

I wanted them to be:



and on-trend

At Kohls's, I found a mirror that provided an amazing focal point for the mantel and laid the groundwork for the rest of the room. The wreath is from Pier One (for under thirty dollars!), giving a neutral dimension where I could add color. The last item I purchased was a warm throw. It was the right color combination to tie in all of the fall goodness together in one spot.

Finding something for each side of the mirror was a struggle. I am a lady who loves symmetry, so I needed to have two of the same thing! I looked at buying bundles of wheat...BUT, for the size I needed it was $50 a bundle, which is just not in my budget.

Last year, I saved some of my cornstalks and decided to just use what I had this year. I bunched them up, took a step back - it was a win! I love to bring from the outdoors to make a space come alive. Bonus points if it's reused or recycled!

The amber glass, on the other hand, was a total accident. I stumbled across them when I was looking for jars to can my homemade salsa. A two-pack of jars was ten dollars - score! - and I knew they could multitask around here.

The other jars are from the Magnolia Hearth and Hand collection. Again, I purchased those without even knowing amber glass would be a hot fall item! I love when things work out like that!

Last but not least, the pumpkins oozing out of the fireplace were grown right here at the farm. We purchase all of our seeds from Harris Seed Company and have worked with them for years. Their seeds are top quality. If we have a good crop, we'll sell or give away the extras to our neighbors.

How do YOU celebrate autumn? What are your go-to decor stores or websites? Are you in love with amber glass and mustard yellow, or ready for what's next? What are your fun autumn family traditions? Pumpkin picking, hay rides, etc.? Let me know in the comments!

Before you leave, one last happy pumpkin picture...

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