Updated: Aug 9, 2020

“Where the home is, the heart is.

Our kitchen is the heart of our home. It’s a hub of noise, community, and activity, a gathering place for family and friends alike, which is why it’s so important to have a space that’s both functional and welcoming.

In the 80s, our little farmhouse kitchen underwent a makeover – it was gutted & refurbished with dark cabinets and paneling, with just one window for light. Yikes! If you have followed me for any length of time, then you KNOW the house has been a work in progress.

Some things just need a little extra TLC.

Our solution? We tackled the cabinets by sanding, painting and repairing them to bring some of the vintage country charm back to the farmhouse. No dark woodwork or closed spaces here!

One of the first (and most important) things we did was install recess lighting, which I dearly love, because it helped brighten the space. Despite this, I wanted another solution to give the kitchen that extra bit of warmth over the island we made. (Another vintage find and long DIY project – a story for another day!

I began to search for options that would best fit the aesthetic of our farmhouse...

After scouring numerous home improvement stores for lighting options, to little success, I discovered an amazing find – a company called Worth Home Products. They sold lights that converted recess lighting into pendant lighting.

Imagine my excitement!

I set to work searching for the best option to fit my farmhouse kitchen. When I had questions, I called the company and they were so kind and helpful. I even managed to speak with the wonderful owner, Lori. I was so impressed with her customer service and interest in our home and project!

She offered many options for changing the lighting, and I was glad to have had the chance to get her input on what would work best.

After ordering two of the Brushed Bronze Recessed lights, it was installation time.

When they came I was thrilled to discover I could hang them myself.

Here’s How I Did It:

Step One: Remove the current light bulb.

Step Two: Screw in the new pendant light and slide up the decorative canopy.

Step Three: Step back and enjoy!

Now our cozy little kitchen space feels even more like home. It’s so nice to gather under the lights, and to have a more functional, well-lit room for entertaining guests.

Interested in trying Worth Lighting for your space? Here are my top picks for a vintage farmhouse: (ALL instant pendant style & a breeze to install!)

Left to Right:

1: Instant Pendant Series 1-Light Brushed Bronze Recessed Light Conversion Kit

2: Instant Pendant Series 1-Light Brushed Nickel Recessed Light Conversion Kit

3: Instant Pendant Series 1-Light Brushed Bronze Recessed Light Conversion Kit

4: Instant Pendant 1-Light Brushed Bronze Recessed Light Converter

5: Instant Pendant 1-Light Rustic Recessed Light Converter

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